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Art Project

Look in Work in Process

Look in Work in Process






"Look in Work in Process" は、制作途中の頭の中を見せるアートプロジェクトです。

Drawings are filled with the thoughts, viewpoints, hesitations, discoveries, and paths of the artist.


What do they see, what do they hear, how do they feel, and what kind of expression do they aim for?


When I think that I am too embarrassed to show my notes to other but I want to take a peek at other people's notebooks.

"Look in Work in Process" is the art project that shows the inside of my head in the process of creation.


This project is funded by the Toshiaki Ogasawara Foundation.

本プロジェクトの助成財団:公益財団法人 小笠原敏晶記念財団 

Granting foundation for this project:

Toshiaki Ogasawara Memorial Foundation


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